There is a sense of awe in a garden and in the natural world. Flowers and nature have always been irresistible to me. I am inspired by floral motifs as a way to calm and restore the senses.

Creating with natural materials is both playful and a source of tactile comfort.

To start with a soft skein of yarn and to make some twists and loops, one can create…

To start with a dish of beads and stones and metal — or threads of fibre, one can create…

To start with some cloth that drapes and can be sewn or embroidered, one can create…

For me, that is the journey and the adventure!

Over the years, I have collected yarns and beads and fabrics — all these treasured bits have come from numerous places, with many memories, too.

I am first attracted to the essence of the materials. Then with the hopes and dreams that what I can create will manifest into something of equal beauty, just transformed!

This website shows a selection of the items listed for sale on Etsy.

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